Aka, Crashing.

Last Thursday, I took a trip to Bermuda.  I always liked that Beach Boys Song, Kokomo, and it started with Bermuda.  While I was there, I imbibed many island treats.  I had rice and peas with jerk chicken, I drank cool drinks made with mangoes, bananas and coconut cream, and I lounged around in my bathing suit while reading books.  I had a blast listening to meringue music, and occasionally getting up to dance off some of the food that I was eating.  This trip was surreal.  Why?  Because I never left home!

You see, on Thursday morning, I crashed.  This happens sometimes while a person is recovering from an abusive relationship.  The first time that I crashed, I was actually still in it.  I think that is the reason why I was so taken off guard with this crashing experience.  What made me crash in the first place?  I mean, I thought I was over that!

Thankfully, because I am a Coach, I cannot go through a situation without analyzing it.  My future mate had better be a Coach as well!  :-/  I believe that I got into a slump because I did not have faith in myself.  Ahh, that ol’ self-esteem thing again!  I did not reach my financial goals with my business, so I was doubting that I could actually do what I set out to do.  In the end, I figured that my battle was with God.  If I was doing what I was supposed to be doing (and I was), why was I not getting handsomely rewarded for it?  Why was I not turning away bookings or clients because I was so busy?  Why was I not rolling in dough?  God, it seemed, chose to be completely silent during my ordeal.

Then, to my chagrin, I kept getting notices on Facebook or through e-mails saying:  “The teacher is always silent during the test.”  HELLO!  Stop rubbing my nose in it!  By day two, I was able to sit down and figure a few things out.  I realized that:

1.  I was not a failure

2.  Many women were looking to me for hope, direction and strength through my speaking, writing and coaching

3.  There are many routes to get to a destination.  Just because I have to take a detour, it doesn’t mean that I won’t get there, and

4.  Maybe sometimes one has to make money, THEN do the thing they love.

The two things that stuck out for me were #3 and #4.  I had one method of achieving my goals stuck in my mind.  What if I took a more circuitous route?  Would I still get there?  I sure would…I might even enjoy the journey!  Point #4 is a concept that not too many people embrace.  In our society, we either work our buts off at jobs that we don’t like, or we love what we do, but don’t necessarily make a lot of money at it.  What if we found something that brought in an income, but we were still able to do what we loved?

As a result of this low time, I was able to stop everything and really focus on what was important.  I got a new focus on my business.  Yes, my book release is now pushed back to September, but that now gives me time to actually do a countdown.  My Group Coaching Session did not happen as anticipated…so I now Coach using YouTube.  I will speak where asked and write articles on other peoples’ blogs or on the web.  My income can come from an outside source for a time, or indefinitely.  I don’t feel rushed or stressed any more.

I’ve talked about taking care of yourself in a previous blog.  What I didn’t do in the last while was take some time apart.  Seeing that I am still getting back on my feet, actually going to a tropical destination is not an option at this time.  Pretending that I was there  was just the thing that my tired mind needed to reorganize my thoughts into a new mold. Even though I think outside the box, a new thought can be “boxed” if you think it long enough!

A trip like the one I took is something that I would suggest to anyone who is experiencing mental and or emotional fatigue.  If you can get away for a few days, by all means go.  However, if you are not able to, put on a bathing suit, crank up the heat and enjoy a tropical bevarages as you listen to merengue or other tropical music.  I guarantee, it will help lift your spirits and open your mind to new possibities.

May your Cup Always Be Full,

Emerging Princess

EmergingPrincess’ first YouTub Video


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