You Are A Hero

This weekend, I went to an intensive self-improvement seminar.  The facilitator actually called it a class.  To be quite frank, I have been to only one other class where I learned as much in such a short period of time.

One of the things that hit home for me is this:  I am a hero.  You, too, are a hero.  I am a hero to someone who I read something that I wrote or heard a speech that I gave, and from it, was motivated to make a change in their life.  You are a hero to someone, somewhere.  You don’t know whether your kindness or position  has  made an impact on someone’s life.

So many times, we go through life with a laissez-faire attitude, not thinking nor caring about what an impact our actions have on someone else.  Can it be that someone is watching you?  Could you be a secret hero?  Are you living to leave a legacy, or are you just living?


May your cup always be full,

Emerging Princess


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