Ain’t No Stoppin Us Now!

As I mentioned in previous blogs, I was at a conference this past weekend.  Although I had heard many parts of the programme before, I knew that re-auditing the class would help me with some of the areas in my life that I was stuck in.  I was not disappointed. I learned that there are four types of people in the world:  the promoters~they are flamboyant people who love to party, and they sometimes (unknowingly) embellish the truth.  Then there are the
supporters.  These people love giving and hugging, they are the relationship people.  The go-getters are focused on getting from point A to point B, and will run over the supporters to get there.  And then there are the analysts.  Analysts love thinking about problems, researching solutions and coming to a conclusion, although they may not do anything with the actual findings.  They also love lists.  Analysts are usually writers.  I am an analyst.

Discovering that aspect of my life was eye-opening for me.  I have tried very hard to step outside the box in so many areas of my life.  However, I started looking at my surroundings…the main floor of my house had to be extremely tidy…the candy jar was in a specific spot on the coffee table, and the metronome was on a specific side of the piano.  I folded towels a specific way, put them in the drawers in the exact same spot every time.  My closet is colour-coded, and I have my shoes in that order as well.

And then, last night, it hit me…I don’t have to do everything the same way ALL the time.  There are things that it doesn’t matter if it’s done a specific way.  I can bend the “rules” a little.  I rushed upstairs and grabbed my grandson.  I decided to give him a treat that I had been denying him.  My bed has pocket coils.  He could jump on it, and it wouldn’t be a problem.  When I asked him whether he wanted to jump on Meamah’s bed, he said, “Yeah!”  He jumped and jumped for ages, and then we had a wonderful pillow fight.  When his Auntie came home, he said, “I jumped on Meamah’s bed.”  “Who’s bed?  Not MY mother’s!”  was her astonished reply.

This morning, I got up and made most of my bed, except my pillows (I have 11).  Instead of placing them in their normal lines, my pillows were made into two towers instead.  Each day, I will find a new way to stack my pillows.  Why not?  There is no law that says that pillows have to go the same way every day.

At the conclusion of the workshop this weekend, we were encouraged to make 90-day goals that stretched us.  As if he knew that I had a breakthrough, my friend invited me to join him on a huge 90-day challenge as well, which I agreed to.  In conversation, he alluded to the fact that he had “problems” setting up the FB group.  After giving a quick tutorial on setting it up, he said:  “How about you setting up the group, and I can be an administrator?”  I’m thinking,  “Great, thanks.  You’re a dear!”  I know that he wants to stretch me, and the feigned ignorance was just a ploy!   Would I say no, would I say yes?  The challenge that now lies before me is that I need to get out of my comfort zone.

The group is public, and anyone can join.  I’m already blogging, so what do I have to lose?   The group’s mandate is is to be a community for people who are wanting to achieve a goal in the next 90 days.  It doesn’t have to be physical, it can be emotional, financial, spiritual.  In the group, we will be discussing what works for each of us, where we are having problems if any, and sharing inspiration and photos to help each other along on the journey.  I encourage you to join the group if there is something that you are trying to achieve in the next 90 days.  My questions to you are this:   Are you up for a challenge?  Are you embracing the liberal side of life by taking chances?   Are you living a legacy so that people will remember you?  And as our financial advisors would ask, have you built a dynasty?

The 90-day FaceBook challenge allows you to grab a goal by the horns and hold on for the ride of your life.  If you’re game, you can check out the following link:
The Challenge: 90 Days To A New You

May Your Cup Always Be Full,

Emerging Princess



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