Steel Magnolias

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In a previous post (The Sun and the Rain and the Apple Seed), I talked about being grateful for each day. Today, I’m taking that same teaching, and expanding on it.

A few weeks ago, here in Toronto, the temperature got up to summertime highs. Many plants started to bloom, like tulips, daffodils and hyacinths. Some trees also started to blossom, namely the magnolia. Due to the warmth in the atmosphere, they were fooled into thinking that spring had arrived. They don’t usually bloom until May, just before Mother‘s Day. I was a bit worried for these tulip-trees. They are hardy, but not that hardy! A few days later, the temperature plummeted by 22 C/50 F. Indeed, the overnight temperature went to below 0, or the freezing marker. I knew that a lot of plants would not survive the change in the weather.

Sure enough, I went for a walk with my little charge last week, and much to my dismay, the magnolia trees did not fare well at all. Flowers that had embraced the sunshine the week before, were now brown and shriveled as they had gotten frozen with the sudden change in the temperature. There was no hope for them. They had opened before their time.

Have you ever experienced that? Sometimes you see someone that has gotten something before they are ready? I see it every day. Kids that get gadgets before they know the value of money. They grow up thinking that the world owes them something. How about people who win the lottery? They usually spend it all within 6 months~yes, SIX MONTHS! That is because they get more money than they know how to handle. Or what about a star that is an overnight sensation? Most of them turn to some sort of coping mechanism; they don’t usually choose something good.

Remember the Byrds song, To Everything Turn, Turn, Turn? There is a part of that song that says (and it may sound morbid, but stay with me): “A time to kill, a time to heal…a time to build up, a time to break down”. If you have left a relationship, and are on the mend, stay the course…especially if the relationship was abusive. If you are going through some kind of trauma, take the time necessary to heal. Do not discount the healing time. (By the same token, I am not endorsing the victim mentality!) If your business is struggling, and you can’t see how things are going to get better, stay the course. But prepare for your good.

Why am I writing this blog today? There is someone who is thinking that things won’t get better. I don’t know your situation, but I do know that sometimes our greatest obstacle is between our two ears. I have been working my business for a year now. I have been dangerously close to giving up. I almost did in February. However, during this time, I have kept learning. I have constantly studied and strategized. I constantly kept moving forward despite the external conditions. Now, things are coming together that I could not have even imagined 1 year ago. I also knew that if they did happen 1 year ago, I would have blown it big time! This last year was an incubation stage, a time to really get to know what I wanted. It is now my time to “build up”, or be built up.

There were a lot of ‘hot’ moments throughout this time. I could have been like the magnolia tree and opened up, only to get burned, or frozen due to my lack of preparation. Now is the perfect time, I can fully see it. Sometimes hindsight is 20/20 vision~but usually with a lot of scar tissue to go with it. During this incubation time, whatever you need it for, prepare your mind to win. There is a season for everything.

May your cup always be full,

Emerging Princess


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