Brian Tracy

Yesterday, I went to a Brian Tracy all-day teaching. That in and of itself was not significant, but as I was coming home, I started pondering on some things.

Brian Tracy was helpful in my preparation and recovery from my abusive relationship. As I was getting ready to leave, I would listen to him and other inspirational speakers. I knew that I needed to have a change in my mind if I was to succeed at getting out of my relationship with my mind intact. I subscribed to Brian’s information e-mails, and had an inspirational e-mail delivered to my inbox each day. I read his book “Reinvention”, as I knew that I needed to find out who I was again. His “Focal Point” book kept me focused on my goal of leaving.

Blah, blah, blah…so what? I realized again, yesterday, that many people will not even enlighten their minds with a book, much less an all-day seminar. As I am getting my business going, I have made specific decisions. I have chosen not to go into debt. Last year, I sold my car, and am taking public transit. Normally, that doesn’t mean anything, but my seminar yesterday was in another city. I had many challenges getting there in the morning, and a freak storm to muddle through on the return trip. I still got there on time, and stood with other determined souls at the bus stop on the way home. A few weeks ago, I spoke of another seminar that I went to. On the Sunday morning, I had a good distance to walk to get to that seminar on time. The buses did not start running until later in the day. I could have rented a car, but I walk an hour each day anyways. I looked at it as getting my exercise for the day.

Many people are content just to get by from pay cheque to pay cheque. I am not such a person. I am looking to make a change in my world. I am looking to make a change in the lives of women who have been affected by divorce, especially if there is abuse attached to it. I am hoping too give direction to young girls, informing them about building their self-esteem so that abuse does not happen to them.

You see, right now, as Oprah said, I “prefer the pain of discipline over the pain of regret”. I’m “doing the best at this moment, to prepare me for the next moment”. Eventually, I’ll be driving a car again. I may choose to get some of the “things” that I would like to have. I hope to even start a foundation to help those less fortunate. But for now, I choose not to add a car payment to my list of bills.

Are you hungry enough? As you recover from your own problems, whether it be abuse or something else, will you stand at a bus stop in a storm to get better as a human being? Will you be willing to walk to a seminar that would help change your mental attitudes for a lifetime? Will you be willing to invest in YOU? Or are you content with a temporary “fix” that will fade like the sunset, because it feels good NOW? Hmmm…

May Your Cup Always Be Full,

Emerging Princess


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