Maybe Soppy, But It’s Still Touching…

One of my friends posted this video link.  It brings me to tears because I posted yesterday about giving.  I hope you enjoy it.  It’s a bit long for our microwave world…but then again, I don’t use a microwave~or a TV for that matter!  🙂

May Your Cup Always Be Full,

Emerging Princess



Tighter than Cling Wrap

Are you “tight” with your things? How about your past? I had things down pat when I was living in my marriage. I had my life down to a turbulent science. Yes, my former partner was not the kindest person, but I knew where the mortgage money was coming from…and if I worked, I probaby knew where the grocery money was coming from as well. Things were bad, sometimes VERY BAD, but I had a family. A real life family. Forget the fact that we had a facade when we went out. We still were a family!  I was tight with my crazy life!

 I know say, “What a crock!”  I literally wasted 23 years of my life because I was attached to a false idea. An idea of a perfect family…an idea that I didn’t want to be divorced. An idea that my God wasn’t gracious. An idea that I couldn’t live without my former partner. Twenty-three years of crying into a pillow!  I repeat, “What a crock!”

 And then I was out! On my own in Toronto, with three semi-grown kids and a grandkid. (If you believe that your kids don’t pick up on your actions, I have stories for you!) What else could I be attached to? Oh yes, stuff! Even though I could part with many things, they were familiar to me, and comforted me in my new life. But, they were also a reminder of my past life and its negativity. These things could be used to help pay the rent, help fund tuition, pay for groceries…the list could go on. We may know that an object is not serving any real purpose in our lives, but we still hang on to it.  Why is that?

 For me, hanging on to my things was something that I started noticing was a problem. Soon after I left, I no longer owned a car or a house. All I had was my STUFF. Those were my possessions. They were all that I had. I couldn’t let them go! But I started to see how ridiculous that was, in light of the fact that I had two dining tables and one dining room. I had the dining table from my previous house, plus an antique one that I had gotten for a song. How dumb is that?

 After you leave a marriage, it is natural to want to hang on to things. You have lost so much. If the marriage was abusive, you lost a lot before you even left! Letting go of your attachment to things is a hard concept to grasp, but it is achievable. Letting go frees you to have other things come into your life. When you are hanging on to things, you are fearful that something will not replace it. You are operating from a place of lack. Detachment and release, however, function from abundance. You are saying, I am not afraid of letting this go because something else, and probably something even better, will take its place. Nature abhors a vacuum. If there is an empty space, it’s gonna get filled!

 I repeat, I am not saying that letting go is easy. It takes guts, and tremendous willpower. But I am learning each and every day, when I give~or let go~I get. Sometimes it is time, sometimes it’s things. Sometimes it’s a complete surprise of a generous gift. For instance, I have been volunteering for years with kids at a local school, never thinking anything of it. Recently, someone has decided to gift me her time to show me business tips. She is a seasoned businesswoman, so this is a fantastic opportunity. I let go of my time a few hours a week for the kids, and I believe that this is my reward. Giving financially to charities also brings similar rewards.  Nature must fill a vacuum.

 Are you tighter than Cling Wrap with your past, your time, your money, or your things? Let go! You will start to become more peaceful when you realize that there’s more than enough to go around. Besides, you cannot embrace something new with a clenched fist!

May Your Cup Always Be Full,

Emerging Princess

What’s In a Name?

I have always been very big on what a person‘s name means.  Sometimes people behave in one manner, and people are puzzled by their behaviour.  I usually Google their name and get an answer really quickly.  Names are huge factors in our personality, I believe.

When I had my girls, I gave them each unique names.  My challenge was to find a meaning for these obscure names, or use the meaning of a name that was close to theirs.  I remember spending weeks pouring over name books (internet was not an option at the time) to get information on each one.  I then gave my findings to each of them printed on fine paper and framed.  I’m pleased to know that they have treasured these simple gifts, and it is the first thing to go up in any room that they call theirs.

As I was going through my separation, I knew that I would need to change my name.  I didn’t want to carry around a name from such a past as mine.  However, I loved my married name!  Everyone said it had a nice ring to it.  But, I was no longer that person.  I was also no longer the person that I was when I carried my maiden name, either.  What could I do~based on my penchant for choosing a name?  To add to the problem, when I applied to change my name, the Government informed me that I was not my married name, either.  I had assumed my married name.  Legally, I was still my maiden name.  No wonder I was so confused all the time! 😀

Searching through my genealogy, I looked for a name that would make me into the person that I saw myself becoming.  I decided to take the name of my maternal grandfather.  Now, I carry both sides of my family in my name.  But more importantly, the name reminds me when I am going through “stuff”, that I can get through it.

Tomorrow, I am going to do something that requires me to embrace my name with all the passion I can muster.  I will be on Toronto’s  favourite radio station, CHFI, and the Breakfast Television Show simultaneously.  While there, I shall be talking about Violence Against Women on behalf of the Canadian Women’s Foundation, and sharing my story.  I have been somewhat low-key about the whole thing.  I have not shared that I will be on television to many people…Until now.  Actually, my story has been on both CHFI’s and Breakfast Television’s websites for the past two weeks.  “Quietly”, I have been telling the world about what I’ve been through.  Telling my story is my calling, but as of tomorrow, it will no longer be quiet.

As I go forward as the new me, “the Princess who is a Courageous Giant”, I don’t believe that I won’t have problems.  Far from it!  However, I do know that I will need to stand tall and doubt myself less.  No one runs away from a Giant (except in the case of David and Goliath).  And if she maintains a good public presence, most Princesses are adored.  I can Courageously go forward in that knowledge.

What does your name mean?
I remain, Stephanie Titus-Andrews
Emerging Princess

May Your Cup Always Be Full!

For all the people you know named “Stephanie”…bet you didn’t know that this song existed!  (It may be kinda hokey, but it’s MINE! :D)

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