I’ll Take 2 Advil and a Fetal Position, Please

 When we have a headache, or even sore muscles, taking 2 Advil is an acceptable thing to do. Have you ever been hurt so badly, you want to take 2 Advil, curl up into a ball and suck your thumb? There are many sayings about human suffering…the world would be perfect, except for humans! While pain is an inevitable part of our existence, coping with pain is not something that we all do well.

When I coach people, the first thing that I suggest to my clients is for them address their perspective on pain. This is something that is really helped by journaling time. Each night before going to bed, write your feelings. Write what you are angry about, what you can find that is good, just write. Don’t correct grammar or spelling. Be completely transparent. After two weeks of journalling, take a look at your journal entries. How is your pain showing through? There may entries about the person that caused you the pain like, “John was so unreasonable again today. He wouldn’t come to an amicable settlement for the kids.” When you read the entries, are things always being done to you?

When I first left my former partner, I stayed in that mode for a while. “He did this”, or “He won’t agree to that”. Playing the victim was so easy. I got pity from the world as a victim. My favourite saying to people in recovery is this, “Being a victim can get you many things for free, but it won’t give you your freedom”.

I now ask you, can you make some choices to change the outcomes that you get? If you look at your pain in a different light, can you see that it can be a catalyst for change in your life? Your pain can be used to help other people through the same thing that you went through.

Remember, you cannot have a triumph without a trial. As you journal, try to look for positive ways to look at your pain. It can help take away some of the sting. Dr. Wayne Dyer says, “Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.” Advil doesn’t have to be your best friend!

May Your Cup Always Be Full,

Emerging Princess


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