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Courland settlements in Americas (New Courland...

Courland settlements in Americas (New Courland on Tobago). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This summer, I had the pleasure of having a trip to my birthplace.  I was born in Trinidad and Tobago, and I hadn’t been back in a while.  People would ask me, “Are you excited”?  Each time, I would respond, “Not yet”.

On the day of my flight, I got to the airport and checked in my bags.  I was flying by way of Miami.  As I was leaving, my mother and kids asked me, “Are you excited?”  Again, the reply was, “No, not yet”.  During the flight to Miami, I preoccupied my mind with the cool GPS system that was attached to the headrest in front of me.  It was scorching when I arrived in Miami.  I ventured outside to kill time between my two flights.  On the grounds, there was a splendid display of flags from all over the world.  I smiled as they waved in time with the palm trees on the grounds.  “This is a tease of ‘back home’, I mused.

My connecting flight was not as pleasurable as the first.  The GPS was absent from the backrest, and the movie that was showing was a dud.  As it was getting dark, I chose to go to sleep.  I awoke about 45 minutes before we landed.  Soon, I could see the shape of the island ahead.  Mountains and glimmering lights could be visible as the island jutted out of the black sea and midnight sky.  Could it be…?  Excitement started to make an appearance!  First my eyes began to twinkle.  My lips joined in, displaying a big, wide smile.  My heart was next with a quickened beat—and soon my whole body was tingling with the excitement of the impending vacation adventure.  At long last, excitement was in the house!

My actual trip is for another blog.  This behaviour that I displayed (previous to viewing the island) was very subdued—based on what I was experiencing.  I had been given a trip—it was a gift—and I wasn’t jumping up and down.  I didn’t “big it up”.  That is how I treated most adventures…with lukewarm enthusiasm.  Why was that?

I looked at my life, like a movie on rewind.  During my previous marriage (where finances were always in check), I didn’t have many adventures.  Whenever something was planned, the possibility arose that there could be (and there almost always was) something to derail it.  This often happened when I was a kid, as well.  Most recently, I was the first one to stand up to claim a prize at a banquet, and I was not picked.  My daughter said that it was because I was not excited enough, and I did not make enough noise.

Could it be that I didn’t have an “adventurous” life because I wasn’t excited enough?  Or was it that I didn’t have excitement because I didn’t treat adventures as they should be treated?  Did it even matter which of the above was correct?  Either way, I was, inadvertently, living passively, if not pessimistically.  It didn’t seem that way, but it was true.  I was still acting like a kid when opportunities or adventures came along—crossing my fingers, and maybe even my toes, in hopes that things would go my way.  I didn’t know how to “Big It Up”!

What if I jumped in with both feet when these things were presented to me?  Suppose I really looked at each new experience, each new destination, every great gift, as if it were something fantastic that was meant for just ME?  Can it be that I was robbing myself by playing, or being small?  The answer is, yes.  Resoundingly, yes I was!

I personally am tired of selling myself small, not speaking up, and being passive and demure.  It’s time to BIG IT UP!!  YEAH BABY!!!!

Have you been playing small?  Maybe someone told you that you were too loud.  Or maybe you were disappointed often,

English: A majestic and sunny view of Parlatuv...

English: A majestic and sunny view of Parlatuvier Bay in Trinidad and Tobago. This picture was taken of this beautiful bay in February 2009 on a cable car. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

like I was.  If you’re comfortable, I’d love to hear about your stories.

May Your Cup Always Be Full,

Emerging Princess

Just Try It (You’ll Like It)

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We will soon be at  Keep Posted! 

C’mon, you’ve said that phrase to someone before, haven’t you?  If you’re a Mom, you’ve probably used it on your kids.  “Just try it,” we usually say this when the kids have turned their noses up at the sight of broccoli or squash.  I remember having to eat brussels sprouts when I was a kid.  The phrase “try it” was not in my parents’ vocab.  It was, “Eat it, or else!”

I recall cooking brussels sprouts again when I was an adult.

“I haven’t tried it in a while,” I thought.  “It may have improved.”  Not!  It was still the yucky vegetable that I remembered.

Years after that, I saw the cruciferous fiend, still on stalks, at a farmer’s market.  I stood in front of the stall reluctantly.

“These are freshly picked”, the farmer said.  They are delicious.  You gotta try it.”  Eagerly, I brought them home.  I sautee’d them with onions and garlic.  I proudly served it to my kids.

“The farmer at the market said that these were fresh and delicious.  We’re gonna try it again.”  I have to tell ya, my kids were not very eager.  They took a bite of one and said,

“Blech—this is bitter!”  I could feel disbelief sweeping over me.  I believed the farmer.  Surely, he wouldn’t steer me wrong?  I tried one and…

“Blech!”  I said as I spat it out into the garbage.  I then promised the kids that they did not have to eat anything that I thought was yucky.  Apparently, the farmer’s idea of delicious and mine were miles apart.

Let me ask you, when you “try” something, do you expect to succeed?  The very act of trying, by definition, means:

  1. 1.  Make an attempt or effort do something
  2. 2.  An effort to accomplish something; an attempt

During a recent seminar, the facilitator of created many “Aha” moments for the class, by pointing out that, as humans, we often keep “trying” instead of doing.  After all, Nike’s slogan is “Just do it”, not “Just Try To Do It”.  That revelation hit me like a tonne of bricks.  There were so many things that I tried in the past (and not completely succeed at).  The most important thing was that I was applying that view to my business.  I was “trying” to be successful instead of focusing on doing it.  I am glad that I was already at a point where I was re-organizing what I was doing and how I was going to do it.

So, here’s where Emerging Princess is going.  My original coaching business, “Created to Excel”, will be brought under the umbrella of Emerging Princess.  My coaching is still for women.  My focus will now be “Helping Women Recover From Life’s Setbacks”, not just from abuse.  The mandate is:  Hope, Direction & Strength for Hurting Women.  If you’ve:

*  Lost a spouse (due to relationship break up)

*  Lost a job,

*  Lost a home

*  Lost all your money, or

*  Lost the zeal for living;

I’ve been there.  I’ve survived these setbacks—and more—and am now thriving.  For the past 18 months, I’ve helped other women thrive as well with my coaching.  Lastly, I will also speak wherever and whenever I can to motivate and inspire women and young girls.

There will be lots of blogs.  As a result of my illness this summer, I am living a more holistic life.  I will feature things and people who have helped me become better, which may also help you.  I will also share recipes and tips that have helped me to be a healthier person.  I will also do weekly posts from a Christian perspective.  My faith is an integral part of my life.  Emerging Princess is where you will be able to find help for the whole woman to thrive.

This journey has had a lot of ups and downs.  People say that you should do what you find yourself thinking about.  For me, that’s my business.  I constantly think about how I can help my clients that I come in contact with.

As I rebrand, I’m not going to “try it”.  I am going confidently on the path of my dreams.  Like Nike’s slogan says, I’m “Just Do(ing) It”!

May Your Cup Always Be Full!

Emerging Princess,

Hope, Direction & Strength For Hurting Women

On this December 6th, I want to honour the women who’s lives were lost so many years ago in a senseless slaying.  Here is a link to my blog from last year with My December 6th story.

December 6th Memorial

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